Friday, May 9, 2008

Do you know how can we make tasty Sharkkarapuratti

1) Cut row plantain pieces deep fried in oil - 1kg, 2) Jaggery - ¼ kg, water- ½ cup, 3) Dried ginger -2 small pieces. Cumin - ½ teaspoon, 4) Sugar - 1 dessert spoon.

How to prepare
The dried ginger and cumin are powdered and mixed with the sugar. The jaggery is melted in water, strained off impurities and once it begins to thicken, the plantain pieces are mixed to it and stirred well. The flame is lowered, the powdered dried ginger, cumin and sugar mix is sprinkled over and the whole lot is mixed well. Once the mix attains required consistency (ie before it becomes fully dry) the vessel is taken off the stove, the plantain pieces are spread out well in the vessel and allowed to cool. Once it becomes cool and crisp the snack is stored in airtight bottles ready for use

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