Monday, May 26, 2008

How to prepare Delicious Mutton Biryani--Here is the Recipe

Red Meat 500 gms.
Basmati Rice 1½ cup
Turmeric powder ½ tsp.
Small Onions 1 cup
Tomato 2 nos.
Green chilly 6 nos.
Mint leaves ½ cup
Coriander leaves ¼ cup
Oil 10 tbsp.
Limejuice 2 tbsp.
Salt To taste
Bay leaves 2 nos.
Cardamom 4 nos.
Cinnamon 1 inch
Cloves 2 nos.
Mace 1 no.

For Masala Paste:

Grated Coconut ½ cup
Black Pepper 1 tsp.
Red Chilies 8 nos.
Cumin 1 tbsp.
Fennel 1 tbsp.
Coriander seeds 2 tbsp.
Poppy seeds 1 tbsp.
Ginger 1 inch
Garlic 12 flakes

Clean the meat and marinate it with pepper powder and turmeric powder. Leave it for 15 minutes and then boil it with little salt and water.

For Masala Paste:

Fry red chilies, fennel, coriander seeds, poppy seeds and cumin. Grind them to a fine paste with grated coconut, garlic and ginger grind them to a thick paste with curd.

In pan heat oil and fry bay leaves, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, chopped onions and sauté it well. To this add the boiled meat and fry it well. To this add green chilly and the masala paste. Add chopped tomatoes and turmeric powder. Add enough stock or ordinary water with salt. Add the washed rice and allow it to cook for 5 minutes. To this add chopped mint and coriander leaves and top it with limejuice. Close the lid and cook.

Serve it hot

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