Saturday, May 24, 2008

How can we make Palappam

1. coarse white rice flour-25 gm
2. white rice flour-350 gm
3. water-300ml
4. coconut milk-350 ml
5. sugar-30gm
6. yeast-3gm
7. salt to taste
The rice porridge
Boil 200 ml of the water,add the coarse flour to it and make porridge like mixture and allow it to cool.
Ist phase of the batter
Blend the rice flour with the rest of the water to make a fine paste and knead in the above porridge. Blend this mixture well with coconut milk, yeast,and sugar. Add salt and keep aside to ferment for a minimum of 8 hours under room temperature.
2nd phase of the batter
30 minutes before making appam, mix the batter once again to check the salt and sugar and loosen the batter with coconut milk to required batter consisitency.
cooking the appam
Heat the appam chatty (wok),pour one ladle(2 oz) of batter and rotate the wok gently to spread the batter evenly to form lace at the sides and a spongy centre. Cover the skillet with the lid. Remove the appam as soon as the centre is cooked and sides are crisp golden brown in colour.

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Wow! easy to prepare, i will try this sometime.