Sunday, May 25, 2008

How can we prepare Tasty Sweet Parota

1. grated coconut- 500 gm
2. jaggery powder- 500 gm
3. cardamom- 4 pieces
4. clove- 2 pieces
5. cinnamon- 2 inch piece
6. dry ginger- 1 inch piece
7. ghee- as required
8. maida- 250 gm
9. water- 1/2 cup
10. salt- to taste
Grated coconut and powdered jaggery are to be ground to a paste. The grond paste is fried in thick-bottomed pan for about 15 minutes in medium flame. Keep on stirring to avoid the mixture sticking to the pan. Keep it aside to get cooled.
Roast cardamom , cloves, cinnamon and dry ginger adding a few drops of ghee and powder it.
Add the powder to the coconut -jaggery mixture.
to prepare dough
1. maida-250 gm
2. water-1/2 cup
3. salt to taste
Prepare maida dough similar to chappathi dough. Leave it for 20 minutes. Make balls and flatten a little. Stuff the mixture inside the maida and flatten them to thin parotas.
Heat a tawa and roast the stuffed parotas till golden brown. Serve with ghee.

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