Monday, May 26, 2008

What is the Recipe of Rich Vegetable Fried Rice

Basmati Rice 2 cups
Vegetables chopped into thin shreds- 2 cups
Big onions,finely chopped-1/4 cup
Garlic, chopped- 1/2tsp
Soysauce- 4tsp
Chilly sauce- 2 tsp
Aginomotto-1 pinch (optional)
cooking oil- 1/4 cup
salt-to taste

Wash rice with plenty of water, drain and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan and stir in rice. Fry till the grains become semi crisp ( do not over fry). Add two cup of water,enough salt cover and cook till the rice is done.Grains should be seperate. Usually cokking in 2cups of water does a nice job of that. Spread the cooked rice on a plate and let it cool down. Heat oil in athick bottomed pan and saute onions, and garlic. Add the vegetables,salt and saute. When the vegetables are half done add the sauces and stir in the cooked rice. Cook for five more minutes, stirring continuously. Remove from fire, and serve decorated with thin shreds of cabbage and scrambled egg.

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