Monday, May 26, 2008

How can we prepare Tasty Ada Pradhaman

1. raw rice(to make ada)-200 gm
2. ghee-50 gm
3. molasses(sharkara)-300 gm
4. 2nd extract of coconut milk-600 gm
5. 1st extract of coconut milk-300 gm
6. dry ginger powder-1 gm
7. cunin powder-2 gm
8. cardamom powder-2 gm
9. cashew nuts-70 gm
10. kismiss-50 gm
Soak the rice,pound and pass through a fine sieve. Add water little by little to the rice powder and mix smoothly to a fine paste. Pour ghee and mix again till it reaches pouring consistency.Cut a plantain leaf to the size of a handkerchief and wilt it over fire so that it becomes soft. Have several pieces like this. Pour little batter into each leaf rollup and steam in a cooker. When cooked, remove and cut into very small pieces. Dissolve molasses in water ,strain and boil till it becomes syrup of one-thread consistency. Pour the syrup into a vessel on fire and put the ada pieces in it , reduce to one third, pour the second extract. Add all the powders in the first milk and pour into the above mixture. Bring to boil and remove from fire. Add in lightly fried cashewnuts and kismis. Could be served hot or cold.
Note: Readymade ada available in consumer stores may be used instead of making ada at home.

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