Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to prepare Soft Upma

1. Rava 2 cups (leveled). 2. Ghee, margarine or oil – ¼ cups. 3. Mustard seeds – ½ teaspoon. 4. Ground nuts – 1 teaspoon, black gram (uzhunnu) – 1 teaspoon. 5. Cashew nuts – 1 dessert spoon. 6. Sliced ginger – 1 teaspoon, green chillies cut round – ¾ dessert spoon. 7. Curry leaves – 1 bunch. 8. Water – 5 cups. 9. Lemon juice – 2 teaspoon, salt – to taste.

How to prepare
Heat the oil and add mustard seeds followed by the items 4 and 5. Once they turn brown, ginger and green chillies are added and mixed well, after which the curry leaves are added. Water is then poured; the lemon juice is added and allowed to boil. Once this boils, the rava is added, one handful at a time and it is mixed at the same time with a ladle. By the time the rava gets over, it should have absorbed all the water. When the whole mix attains the consistency of a pudding it is taken off the stove. This may be served hot and when serving, take off chunky portions from each side like serving pudding. Upma made with ghee tastes better.

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