Monday, May 26, 2008

How to make Beef Biriyani

5 ollocks rice is equal to 1 Kg.
2 Kgs. Beef ;
7 Big Onions or 9 Med.size Onions;
Tomatoes 4 big tomatoes;
Green Chillies – 9 no.’s;
Green Corriander leaves only half or 3/4 bundle;
Mint just a handful;
Cinnamon 3 or 4 sticks – of 1” long,
Cloves 9 or 11;
Cardamom - 9;
Oil ¼ kg;
Garlic paste 1 12/ Tbspn;
Ginger paste – 1 ½ Tbspn.
1/2 tblespoon chilli powder;
Turmeric Pwd – ½ tspn;
Salt to taste;
Lime Juice – from 2 big limes.

For Garnish:
2 Big Onions – finely slice & fried Crispy – keep aside.
6 Boiled Eggs – cut into 2 halves & keep.

Wash well 3-5 times drain & keep aside – once all the water has drained – put 5 tbpns of butter in a kadai (wok) & fry the rice on low heat for 5-7 mins, or till the rice sounds crisp – keep aside.

Meat (Beef) 2 Kgs. - Cut meat into fairly large pieces & boil with turmeric powder, add 3 or 4 big tomatoes; & a little Salt - Boil the meat/mutton in pressure cooker for ½ an hour then switch off & leave to depressurizes then open & strain soup in a bowl & keep aside.

For frying: - Slice Onions finely, Slit green chillies into two lengthwise, Chop up the green corriander & Mint leaves, & keep aside. Whole Spices.

Put the cooker on gas add oil when hot add the sliced Onions& fry till onions are brown, add the whole spices & continue to fry till cloves pop up now add the Ginger/garlic paste lower heat & fry for 2-3 mins add the green coriander & mint leaves, green chillies, Chillie powder & remaining Salt to taste – (check the salt because U have used Salt to boil the meat) - use a little soup for frying the masala if it looks too dry – fry well till oil comes to the surface & till U get a good aroma/flavour, add boiled meat/mutton mix well and fry for another 3-5 mins. Higher heat now add the fried Rice & mix well, (You will need in total 9 ollocks of Soup & water to cook the rice) - so measure the soup & keep, for the remaining quantity of liquid required - measure & use water - mix well – cover the cooker once the steam from the spout starts coming nicely, put stopper – lower heat & leave to cook for 8 –10 mins. After 8-10 mins switch off the gas & leave the cooker to depressurize – then open after 8-10 mins. Mix carefully – empty into a big dish pour the lime juice over it – mix gently & serve. If rice looks dry, U could pour ¼ cup of Ghee over it – Garnish with Boiled Eggs & Crispy fried Onions - Serve with Curd Raitha.

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