Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to prepare tasty Tutti-Frutti Icecream

1 litre - fullcream milk
2 1/2 tsp - cornflour
3/4 cup - sugar
1 cup - fresh cream
1 tsp - vanilla essence
1/2 cup - cold milk
1/4 cup - tutti frutti pieces
3 to 4 drops - orange colour


1. Bring milk to a boil.
2. Boil for 15 minutes on low, stirring occasionally.
3. Add orange colour soon after the milk has been boiled
4. Mix cornflour in 1/2 cup cold milk, keep aside.
5. Add sugar to milk, stir.
6. Add cornflour paste, stirring continuously, till boil resumes.
7. Boil for a further 4-5 minutes, take off fire.
8. When boiled milk cools a little
9. Cool to room temperature, freeze in covered tray, till set but not hard.
10. Break into pieces, beat with an egg beater till soft.
11. Add tutti frutti pieces while folding in the cream
12. Add tutti frutti pieces while folding in the cream.
13. Add cream and essence, mix well.
14. The texture should be light and creamy.
15. Reset in the freezer till frozen.

Making time: 45 minutes excluding cooling, setting times.
Makes: 4 helpings.
Shelflife: 3-4 days, in freezer

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