Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Make Pesto Pizza


* Boboli or any kind of pre-made pizza crust
* tomatoes(sun dried or fresh)
* cooked ground beef (you can use sausage or other meats too)
* basil
* spices
* salt/pepper
* pesto sauce


1. Buy the ingredients and have them out and ready to use.
2. Set out your Boboli/pizza crust and spread your pesto sauce evenly throughout it. Don't forget to leave room for your crust at the end.
3. Put on your ingredients. you can put them on in any order you like but here is a suggestion: cheese, tomatoes, beef or meat, basil/spices, top it off with a little salt/pepper
4. Heat pizza in oven (read instructions on wrapper of pizza crust/Boboli).
5. Wait for it to finish and enjoy.


* Since pesto isn't as thick as normal pizza sauce, it may take a shorter time.

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