Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How can we make Flavoured Icecreams--Recipe

1 recipe Basic Vanilla Icecream
(replace vanilla essence with that matching fruit used)
1 cup fruit pulp (coarsely mashed)
(mango or strawberry or chickoo, or any other of your choice)
1/2 cup fresh beaten cream
1/4 cup ground sugar

Introduction to IceCreams


Follow recipe for vanilla icecream till setting first time.

Remove when well set, mash and beat till soft and creamy.

Mix together the pulp, 1/4 cup cream and ground sugar.

Add cream for vanilla recipe first with essence and beat.

Add fruit cream mixture and fold in gently.

Transfer back to container and freeze till well set.

Serve scoops with the matching sauces.

(For sauces refer Sauces for Icereams & Cakes')


Alternatively add 1/2 cup recipe of the Fresh fruit sauces (referred above) instead, and mix just enough to form ripples in the icecream. Set as usual.

Making time: 20 minutes

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