Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to make Kiwi Icecream?

1 - recipe basic vanilla icecream
2 to 3 - kiwis, ripe and firm
2 to 3 drops - kewra essence (optional)
2 drops - pistachio green food colour (optional)


1. Proceed to prepare vanilla icecream as per recipe in icecream section.
2. After adding in beaten cream, proceed as follows:
3. Mash kiwis with a fork, keeping seeds in the pulp.
4. Add to beaten icecream to which cream has been added.
5. Add colour and essence as desired.
6. Fold in ingredients, as you would the cream, till well blended.
7. Return to freezer, for 5-6 hours or till firmly set.
8. If set too hard, keep in refrigerator compartment for 15 minutes before serving.
9. Scoop out and serve with a slice or two or fresh kiwi per scoop.

Making time: same as vanilla icecream plus 10 minutes.
Makes: Same quantity as vanilla icecream plus 1 serving.
Shelflife: 3-4 days, if covered properly in freeze

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