Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Do you know the preparation of Lychee Icecream?Here is the Recipe

1 recipe basic vanilla icecream (refer icecreams section)
1 cup lychees, crushed coarsely in mixie
1 tbsp. chopped nuts or crushed praline powder


1. Prepared icecream in the regular method. This is given in basic Icecream recipes section.
2. When semiset, take out, crush lightly.
3. Add lychees, nuts and mix gently.
4. Set again till firm.
5. Take out and serve in individual bowls.
6. Garnish with a lychee or chopped nuts on top.
7. Serve with a scooper, when well chilled and set.

Making time: 45 minutes (excluding cooling and setting time)
Makes: 5 servings
Shelflife: 3-4 day in freezer compartment or fridge.

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